About AirCare Automation Inc.

AirCare Automation, Inc. is a leading supplier of cleanroom Fan Filter Unit (FFU) Controls for regulated air-control environments. Our combined expertise in AC motor speed control, ECM fan motor interfaces, and Cleanroom Control Systems (Consoles and environmental sensors) provide a total support package for Monitoring and Controlling Cleanroom Environments.

Our core expertise in AC speed control has resulted in unique and industry leading Single-Phase AC motor speed controls that allow users to monitor and control their AC motors in variable torque applications including fans and pumps for filtered air, ventilation, exhaust and HVAC applications. AirCare incorporates digital speed control, advanced closed-loop control algorithms and network communications (eg, Modbus) to provide cost-effective, energy efficient fan control solutions.

AirCare offers one of the broadest line of ECM Motor interface cards – providing input that are manual, analog or network and crossing smart-motor platforms from Regal Beloit (GE). US Motors/Nidec (Emerson), ebm, Rosenberg and Ziehl-abegg.

Our Control Console Systems offers a broad range of control solutions from basic remote speed setting options to sophisticated imbedded/animated ceiling grid control to monitor and control multiple fan systems. We offer sensors to complement the controls so that customers can incorporate their “monitoring” needs into the smart-control-console platform AirCare offers. All the control systems are designed to provide real-time monitoring of the system, ability to centrally control the system and provide early warning notification to minimize repairs and down-time.


Cleanroom [Fan filter units (FFU)] integrated Controls for electronic assembly and pharmaceutical manufacturing, hospital and health care facilities. Intelligent ventilation and exhaust systems for schools, offices, and agricultural operations.


AirCare Automation, Inc. was founded and incorporated in June 2003. AirCare Automation manufactures product in the US and Asia and sells worldwide through a network of sales offices and representatives. Operation headquarters is located in Austin, TX. It has sales offices in Europe and North America.

AirCare Automation, Inc. is privately held.


The company produces a family of intelligent AC motor variable speed controls (AirCare VariPhaseTM); network controllers (consoles, HMI interface and PC control platforms) with customized software (AirCare ConsoleTM) for network control of multiple fan / blower systems; and interface modules for EC based smart-motor platforms (AirCare MODBUS Modules).  Energy savings and enhanced are the hallmarks of AirCare’s product offerings.