Complete Cleanroom Control and Monitoring System

Cost-effective monitoring/control systems allow for airflow (FFU) optimization, exhaust adjustment that ease balancing and certification and provide added benefits of reducing energy consumption and extending filter media life. These same systems address sensor measurement, alarm notification and data storage useful in monitoring cleanroom performance (i.e. USP797 and USP800 facilities) in-between certification visits. AirCare Automation offers monitoring and control systems that enhance cleanroom performance in both Existing and New-Construction Cleanrooms.

Cleanroom Environmental Monitoring

Provides automatic cleanroom monitoring and traceable documentation to meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements. Brings your compounding cleanroom to target operational levels quickly and easily.

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Cleanroom Environmental Control

Provides three flexible options for full cleanroom environment control: basic small system control option at low cost, field-configurable option for easy installation, and facility-specific option to customize your unique cleanroom.

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