3 Paths to Control Your Cleanroom

Looking for Mini-Environment Single Room FFU Control

Checkout AirCare’s

Single Zone Small Business Console

Easier Use
Lower Cost
Control up to 25 FFU fans

Want BASIC Control & Monitoring for Multi-Room Environment

Checkout AirCare’s

Multi-Room Field Configurable Console

Easy installation
Quick Configuration
Out-of-the-Box at Lower Cost!

Want to CUSTOMIZE to your unique facility?

Checkout AirCare’s

Custom/Facility-Specific Consoles

Specify your control needs
Customize your own unique facilities

AirCare provides full turn-key solutions for all the steps in the Cleanroom system control process

From interface cards for AC and EC fans and motors, to select the right control console for your cleanroom; from choosing the peripherals to assemble all the pieces in a panel box, we provide full product line in one package. Through installation support, we help set up the network communications, configure the FFU’s, run the comms daisy chain and provide a quality connection between fans. When the cleanroom is complete, we provide on-site commissioning support to assist in trouble-shooting, training and setup to ensure interfaces and system are working to exceptions.