AirCare Automation USP797 / USP800 Monitoring Systems

Brings your compounding cleanroom to target operational levels quickly and easily, Provides automatic cleanroom monitoring and traceable documentation to meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements.

Single Room Monitoring

Designed to monitor and notify fault conditions for a single room (pressure, temperature and relative humidity), ACC1005 is an environmental monitoring console that can be mounted in a panel cut-out, recessed single-gang wall box, or supplied surface mount box.

The unit can also provide FFU control for units outfitted with MODBUS interface circuitry. Visual display of sensor readings, audible and visual notification of fault condition are standard features of this unit.


The Zephyr series (Zephyr 2, Zephyr 3, Zephyr 4) deliver all your monitoring needs with the ease of adding distributed sensor modules which expand the sensors per console, reduce the need for custom monitoring packages,  eliminate complex panel box assemblies and more importantly reduce hardware and installation cost!

Zephyr platform comes with a “MONITORING PACKAGE” as STANDARD – sensor DATA-LOG, remote download access to local PC (CSV file), ALARM NOTIFICATION (audible buzzer) and EMAIL FAULT NOTIFICATION  are built-in features that come STANDARD on the ZEPHYR x line and provide USP797/800 data and support for your cleanroom needs. Sensor measurements can be locally adjusted to match the NIST certifier data to allow calibration adjustment.