Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Monitoring Console

Introducing Zephry 2

Field Configure Console for Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Monitoring to Meet USP797 and USP800 Standards

AirCare Automation brings your compounding cleanroom to target operational levels quickly and easily; and provides automatic pharmaceutical cleanroom monitoring and traceable documentation to meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements.

Zephyr 2 Overview >>

Provides Cleanroom Monitoring and Control for up to 6 rooms (100 FFU)

Zephyr 2 provides communication (MODBUS-RTU platform), system monitoring (and FFU control) in one easy-to-use package. It provides the following main benefits to meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements.

  1. Monitor the key parameters Differential pressure, Temp, RH.
  2. Notify and alarm if these parameters change significantly
  3. Capture the data for reporting purposes (data-log).

Zephyr 2 Key Features:

  1. 6 Groups
  2. 100 FFU Units
  3. Clock Calendar Set-back
  4. 2-6 rooms w Pr, T, RH monitor
  5. Hi/Lo limits on sensors
  6. Alarm relay output
  7. Data-Log (SD Card)
  8. Remote Data-log Access
  9. Ethernet – e-mail notification
  10. Audible/Visual Alarm

Having more than 6 rooms to monitor or control? Check out other Zephyr family consoles:

  1. Zephyr 3 (For up to 12 rooms)
  2. Zephyr 4 (For up to 16 rooms)

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We also offer custom solutions to help you meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements, please contact us for your needs.