Custom Facility Specific Consoles

ACC7072 Data Sheet l ACC7072 Submittal

AirCare Automation’s ACC7072 Control Console is a higher resolution and larger screen version of the ACC7052. The color touch screen Console lets you MONITOR and CONTROL a facility or clean room. AirCare Automation proprietary software imbedded in this PLC provides single-stop facility management customized to your facility.

Facility ceiling plans are scanned into the Console to give a facility/room/unit view through touch screen control. Analog Sensors (temp, RH, pressure, particle counters etc.) can be connected for monitoring and control. Closed-loop control can be implemented to maintain sensor settings through FFU or return-air fan auto-adjustments. Customized to your facility needs, this Console will save time and money in your facility or clean-room.

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7" Color Touch

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AC or EC

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