Full-Feature ECM Motor Control Interface For NIDEC

ACM1021 Data Sheet

AirCare Full Feature EC™ ACM1021 for NIDEC smart-motors is a robust variable-speed controller intended for brushless DC (BLDC), electrically-commutated (EC) motors. The ACM1021 Series combines intelligent speed control with industry standard MODBUS  networking. The versatile design allows for analog (0- 5V or 20mA current loop) or network control input and analog or tachometer feedback. Precise control is possible over a wide speed range (1-100%).

ACM1021 closed-loop control (CLC) capability supports a wide range of sensors such as air pressure, air flow and temperature. In closed-loop mode, ACM1021 adjusts motor speed to converge the value of a selected feedback source to the set-point value.

Additional information

Control Option

Analog, Manual, Network

Motor/Fan Type

US Motors/Nidec

# of Motors

1 EC Motor

Motor Interface

4pin MTA


1) 0-5, 10v 4-20 mA, 2) 0-5, 10v 4-20 mA


Accessory Power Voltage, Fault LED Driver

DMM Ports


Auto Adjust (Closed Loop)