Dual Setpoint EC Interface Module for GENTEQ 2.3/EON and US Motors/Nidec Motors

ACM2100 Data Sheet

The ACM2100 Dual Setpoint EC Module allows the user to set the motor speed and remotely switch the speed through an open-closed contact (switch). The unit contains two onboard potentiometers to allow the customer to manually set both speeds. Onboard Digital multi-meter nodes provide setpoint and RPM measurements. The remote open-closed contact selects which potentiometer setting to apply.

The unit is designed to fit in a standard j-box enclosure and can be provided with an optional weather-proof cover (ACM2100 WP) suitable for outdoor installations. The unit is powered by a remote 24V isolated step-down transformer supplied separately. The unit is compatible with GENTEQ 2.3 / EON (RPM mode) and US Motors/Nidec Perfectspeed motors.

Additional information

Control Option


Motor/Fan Type

EBM, GENTEQ, Rosenburg, US Motors/Nidec

# of Motors

1 EC Motor

Motor Interface

2-Speeds w/Switch, Motor Speed




RPM output mV DC

DMM Ports


Auto Adjust (Closed Loop)