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  1. [April 17, 2020] Featured article in Cleanroom Technology – Closed-loop controls for minienvironments
  2. [April 16, 2020] Featured article in Cleanroom Technology – Monitoring considerations for pharmaceutical cleanrooms
  3. [March, 2016] Featured article in Controlled Environments Magazine March 2016 Issue – Monitoring Considerations for Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
  4. [February, 2006] Featured article in Controlled Environments Magazine February Issue – New Closed-Loop Controls For Minienvironments – Reviews present systems, closed-loop control implementations, and the resulting improved cleanroom systems capabilities.
  5. [November, 2005] Case Study from Nov2005 Consumer Electronics Magazine –Utilizing Lower-Cost “Smart” FFU Systems, providing a Flexible, Energy Efficient Cleanroom Environment, utilizing Lower Cost Single-Phase AC FFU Systems.
  6. [June, 2005]
    1. Power Electronics Technology Conference 2005 article – Improving Performance and Cost in Single-Phase AC Fan Systems
    2. Combining low-cost ac motors with low-cost smart controls to improve performance, efficiency and system implementation: Featured article “Closed-Loop Control Benefits AC Motors” in Power Electronics Technology June 2005 Issue.
  7. [December, 2004] A2C2 Article (Page 14)- CLEANROOM FFU CONTROLLERS TARGET SMALL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS – Cost-effective, sophisticated FFU solutions are now available for small cleanrooms
  8. [November, 2004] Power Electronic Technology Conference 2004 Article – Low Cost Techniques for Integrating Network Communications and Power Systems Control 
  9. [November, 2003] Power Systems World 2003 Article – Phase-Control Alternatives for Single-Phase AC Motors 


Environmental Monitoring

Zephyr 2 Zephyr 3Zephyr 4,

Environmental Control

Small FFU HEPA Control Consoles:
ACC1-25ACC1-125 EOS1201

Field Configurable Control Consoles:
Zephyr 2 Zephyr 3Zephyr 4

Custom/Facility-Specific Consoles:
ACC7072, ACC7152, EOSCAN

EC Control

General Purpose EC Motor Controls:

Universal EC Motor Controls:

AC Motor

AC Single Fan Motor Controls:
AC01B14, AC02B14, AC03B14

AC Low Power Full Function Motor Controls:
ACV1041, ACV1042, ACV1043
ACV1081, ACV1082, ACV1083

AC High Power Full Function Motor Controls:
ACV1141, ACV1142, ACV1143
ACV1201, ACV1202, ACV1203