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Cleanroom Accessories

Every Facility Control system requires additional items to complete the functionality desired and complete communications:
  • Add sensors and BMS interfaces - AirCare can provide the hardware and tie them into the Console display. Provide tracking and real-time information of the performance and stability of your cleanroom process.
  • Choose an Enclose type and AirCare can pre-package these sensors with the Consoles to provide seamless performance and monitoring in your cleanroom application.
  • Additional Interface cards for alarm or system set-back may be required along with power sources and network cabling.
AirCare provides the following accessories for your cleanrooms:
  1. Sensors and Counters
  2. Enclosures - ACPNL01, ACPNL02, ACPNL03, ACPNL04, ACPNL05, ACPNL06, ACPNL07
  3. Cables & Connectors – CAT5 cables ACS2101, ACS2102, ACS2103, ACS2110, ACS2101P, ACS2102P, ACS2103P, ACS2105P
  4. BMS Interface - ACGW006
  5. EC Interface Card - ACM1007, ACM1009, ACS2302
  6. Power Sources - ACM1005, ACM1008, ACS2303, ACS2308, ACS2601, ACS2309, ACS2310



AirCare Cable
AirCare Cable
AirCare Cable
Setra 265
Differential Pressure Transducer

Setra 265 senses differential or gauge (static) pressures and convert this pressure difference to a proportional electrical output, capable of measuring pressures and flows with the accuracy necessary for proper building pressurization and air fl ow control.

Download Datasheet
Room Humidity
Temp Sensor

Ultra fast response cross-linked bulk polymer capacitive sensing element. Proprietary hydrophobic and oleophobic ePTFE filter to protect the sensing element from condensation, fog, salt air, pollutants and other contaminants

Download Datasheet
Remote Airborne Particle Counters
0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM)

The Particles Plus Remote Particle Counters are the most feature-advanced remote particle counters available. Integration is easy into a building automation and cleanroom management system via Ethernet, or (optional) Wireless.

Download Datasheet



AirCare enclosures
AirCare's enclosures are able to house PLC’s, gateways, fuse blocks, din-mounted power supplies, pressure transducers and other I/Os. Our enclosures are supplied seamless, ready for conduit and wireway holes to be drilled.

Premium Polycarbonate Enclosure Flush Steel Box Enclosure Stainless Steel Pharma Enclosure
  • Specifically designed for either indoor or outdoor applications, these enclosures combine a rugged continuous hinge, seamless foam-in-place gasket and stainless steel screw-down clamps for a reliable seal that protects components from corrosive environments.
  • Download (ACPNL06) Datasheet  [PDF: 148kb]
Flush Stainless Steel Pharma Enclosure
  • : Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry with flush mounting and a low RA value finish that minimizes surface crevices for thorough wipe-downs and eliminates areas where contaminants can accumulate.
  • Download (ACPNL07) Datasheet  [PDF: 144kb]





ACS21xx - Cat. 5e Patch Cables
  • Used to connect the AirCare Consoles with ceiling mounted Fan Filter Units and External sensors.
  • Download Cat. 5e Patch Cables Datasheet (Family members: ACS2101, ACS2102, ACS2103, ACS2105, ACS2110)
ACS210xP - Cat. 5e Plenum Patch Cable
  • Used to connect the AirCare Consoles with ceiling mounted Fan Filter Units and External sensors.
  • Download Cat. 5e Plenum Patch Cables Datasheet (Family members: ACS2101P, ACS2102P, ACS2103P, ACS2105P)





  • Provides a convenient method of expanding building automation systems in the field when using Ethernet for network communication.
  • Download ACGW003 Datasheet
ACGW006 - BACnet IP to BACnet MS/TP Gateway
  • Provides a convenient method of converting the ACGW003 BACnet IP points to BACnet MS/TP
  • Download ACGW006 Datasheet




AirCare Remote Hi/Lo board
AirCare Remote Interface Module
AirCare Remote Interface Module
Remote Interface Module
ACM1007 Hi/Lo or Emergency Shut-down feature

Download Datasheet
Remote Interface Module
ACM1009 Alarm Relay Driver

Download Datasheet
Relay Module

Download Datasheet




AirCare Bus Power Supplies
Bus Power - ACM1005 / ACM1008

Wall mount (ACM1005) or Chassis mount (ACM1008) power converter to power EC Interface products over the CAT5 cables Will power 6-10 ACM1004 boards over the CAT5 communication cables along with ACCx Consoles and ACM1007/9 boards The unit is wall mounted and connects to the AC power through a standard outlet plug.

>> Download ACM1005 Datasheet  [PDF: 193kb]
>> Download ACM1008 Datasheet  [PDF: 160kb]

Please contact us for more information.

AirCare Bus Power Supplies

Class CC Fuse 25A and Fuse Holer - ACS2601

Consists of a Class CC 25A fuse and panel mount fuse holder for use as branch circuit protection for the V-Series 14A and 20A models.

>> Download ACS2601 Datasheet  [PDF: 209kb]


AC Adapter

Power converters for the AirCare Console family

>> Download ACS2303 - AC Adapter 12 Vdc 800mA Datasheet  [PDF: 96kb]
>> Download ACS2308 - AC Adapter 12VDC 1000mA Datasheet  [PDF: 96kb]


DIN Rail Mount Power Supply – 15W & 30W

The DIN Rail Units has a universal input and is easily mounted in enclosures alongside the Modules in Controls Applications. The ACS2309 DIN Rail Power Supply is recommended for use with ACC7xxx Consoles (only). The ACS2310 DIN Rail Power Supply is recommended for use with ACC7xxx Consoles with peripheral sensors.

>> Download ACS2309 Datasheet - DIN Rail Mount Power Supply (15W)  
>> Download ACS2310 Datasheet - DIN Rail Mount Power Supply (30W)