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February, 2014


AirCare Automation Control Consoles

AirCare Automation Inc. has leading edge control consoles that provide Cleanroom and mini-environments a level of monitoring and control unprecedented in the industry. The Controls range from simple- remote operated wall mount Consoles that allow fault notification and speed adjustment to sophisticated animated ceiling grids and sensor monitoring and closed loop controls that provide multi-group automatic adjustments and monitoring.

The Line Up

ACC1-xxx - Simple fault monitoring and speed adjustments for basic, low-cost system control.

ACC700x - 2 line LCD display for local control, auto-set-back, monitoring and control.

ACC702x - Graphic Screen Control- 2.4" display, BMS communications- remote internet access, monitor analog external sensors and display results at the Console. Configured and optimized for your specific facility and/or application.

ACC705x, ACC715x - Color Touchscreen Display showing your application/ceiling-grid in animated color-zooming out to facility based monitoring to group and monitoring control. Add sophisticated sensors to provide closed-loop-system control with the imbedded PID control capability allowing your space to be regulated to a given pressure, particle count or any sensor output you desire.

AirCare Consoles are optimized for:
  • Cleanroom Spaces
  • Mini-environments
  • Hospitals & Operating Spaces
  • Pharmacuetical Facilities
Check out our full line of Consoles Click Here and consult with AirCare to see how we can create customized control solutions that will meet your next generation system/installation needs.

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