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September 8, 2015


NEW: ACC7015 Controller for Cleanroom Systems

Control & Monitor FFU Cleanroom Performance Field Configurable

The ACC7015 Graphic Screen Console lets you easily control and monitor Cleanroom FFU systems. The ACC7015 can handle cleanroom systems of up to 50 FFU units and 5 rooms (groups). AC FFU units can be adjusted and monitored. EC FFU units can provide RPM feedback control and can also provide loaded filter notification.

Cleanroom Controls and Monitoring can save energy, optimize Cleanroom performance and provide advance warning for problems in air-flow control.

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ACC7015 New Graphic Screen Control Console

ACC7015 Small System Graphic Screen Console

Functions and Features:
    50 FFU per system
  • 5 groups
  • Alarm for error
  • 7-Day Clock/Calendar feature
Field Configurable
Easy to follow set-up and run directions


Want More Features or Larger System??

Check out our complete family of Control Consoles and monitoring features

  • Graphic or Touchscreen Interface
  • Building Management Communications
  • Embedded - Animated ceiling Grid design
  • Clock-Calendar set-back control
  • Add Temp, RH, Diff Pressure, Particle Counts
  • Data Logging and alarm notification options

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