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Innovations and Improvements in AC Motor Controls

Austin, TX Feb 24, 2013 - AIrCare Automation, Inc. presented a seminar on Single-Phase AC controls at the Motor and Drives Conference- Orlando, Fl. The presentation centered on state-of-the-art solutions available to engineers using single-phase AC motors and wanting advanced performance.

The VariPhase can now be used:
  • The ability to monitor and control single-phase AC motors enables the use of these fans for variable-speed, variable-torque applications.
  • Improvements in the controller platform reduces humming noise and improves efficiency compared to traditional, light-dimmer solutions.
  • Adding close-loop control capability and exploring sensor-less options for monitoring and controlling the AC motors is the focus of upcoming/next generation solutions.
Single Phase AC Controls Conclusions:
  • Phase Control can provide cost-effective and improved performance to single phase AC motor control for air movement applications
  • 3 wire improves efficiency
  • Characterization and digital control provide control speeds
  • Open loop control of AC motor provides inherent limits to accuracy of output (i.e. RPM or airflow)
  • Accuracy of control can be added through low cost external sensors or innovative sensor-less approaches
  • Air flow sensors, pressure sensors, or others provide system performance levels that go beyond RPM control
  • Monitoring the AC Voltage & AC current of the drive can help provide adjustments to open loop
AC Single Phase motor controls can provide low-cost and accurate monitoring/ controls for variable-speed/ variable-torque applications. Contact AirCare Automation, Inc. for your next project requiring AC Motor Controls!