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NEW VariPhaseTM v7

Austin, TX November 2013 - AirCare Automation Inc. is proud to announce the availability of its new, updated VariPhase TM Single-Phase AC motor controllers. The new VariPhase units enhanced features that will make speed control of a single-phase PSC motor easier and more consistent.

AirCare VariPhase is a leading speed controller to adjust the speed of traditional single-phase PSC motors. The Drives come in three voltages:

120 volt    230    volt    277 volt

The VariPhase can now be used:
  • Analog Input (or Manual) or Network (MODBUS RTU)
  • Open-Loop (Analog (0-5v) or Manual control) or Closed Loop
  • Analog Feedback signal or TACH feedback
Enhanced performance comes from significant changes to the VariPhase performance:
  • The version 7 platform has expanded the TRIAC firing angle curve into 1000 data points providing significantly more possibilities for your 100 point curve selection and eliminating “dead-spots”
  • Enhanced Closed loop controls – better PID control loop and new optional closed loop adjustment tools provide a more robust closed loop experience for your fan control needs.
  • Scalable Range, Analog Input – to allow any type of feedback sensor (i.e. dual directional sensors) and still getting full input feedback range on your sensor feedback
  • Customized firing curves – don’t like the response to the analog/manual set-point vs. speed control in open-loop mode? The VariPhase firing angles can be adjusted/customized for your needs based upon specific data measurements.
Come check out the upgraded VariPhase v7 product line for all you single-phase PSC drive needs @