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New AirCare Automation "ACC9001- Tech Tool"

Install and configure closed-loop single-phase AC motor control systems
Los Angeles, CA December 2013 - AirCare Automation announced the availability of the "ACC9001- Tech Tool" a PC-based family of programs, tools, and information that will facilitate the implementation, optimization, and use of AirCare Controllers. Remote Internet access to the laptop PC by AIrCare allows AirCare professionals to assist in the configuration and diagnostics of a new design or installation without having to travel to the site directly. With the introduction of the VariPhase v7 a key addition to our software is the Drive Configuration and PID tuning interface that will ease the implementation of closed-loop fan controls in the field. These software tools are provided on a laptop that can plug into the RJ45 connector of the VariPhase(s) for communication

Each ACC9001 (laptop PC) has the following software tools:
  • AirCare Drive Configuration & PID Tuning Interface application
  • AirCare Flash Downloader- instant firmware updates for AirCare motor controllers
  • AIrCare product and reference documentation
  • remote desktop application for live, on-screen factory assistance
  • Flexible MODBUS diagnostic tools:
    • MOSBUS RTU interface- includes AirCare factory connections and screens scripts (MODSCAN 32)
    • ComTest PRo-MODBUS device diagnostics and performance testing
    • CAS MODBUS Scanner- detects/discovers MODBUS slave decives on a network
The ACC9001 has a cable integreity tester and digital multi-meter to assist in evaluating installations.

Installing a new cleanroom that uses network control? The ACC9001 can help diagnose cleanroom units and confirm that the fan units and the cabling is properly installed.

Working on a new fan control design using closed-loop control? The Drive Configuration tool can help you rapidly converge on a stable closed-loop setting for the drive. All the necessary measurements and registers are visible on the full dashboard. .