AirCare Automation - Blower Controls, AC & DC Motor Controls, FFU Fan Speed Control Modules
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Solutions Overview
USP797 and USP800 Cleanroom
Design Services
Smart Blower Solutions

Design & Manufacturing Services

From concept to working prototypes and production units, electronic design and manufacturing services that save you time and money.

AirCare specializes in the design and manufacturing of power electronic controls and system solutions for OEMs, engineering service providers and system integrators. As your strategic partner, AirCare gives you the advantages of:
  • faster times-to-market,
  • innovative products & technology,
  • reduced risks,
  • minimal development costs, and
  • turn-key manufacturing & test services.
Design Expertise:
  • Advanced phase controllers (triac) for variable speed control of single phase PSC and shaded pole AC induction motors and fans:
    • 3-wire connection to PSC motors for improved operating efficiency & quieter operation,
    • User-definable speed linearization tables,
    • Closed-loop feedback (PID) control utilizing analog sensor feedback,
    • Modbus LAN and analog control interface
  • Variable frequency drives for precise speed control of single phase AC fans and pumps
  • Modbus LAN and analog control interfaces (also PID closed loop control) for variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Modbus LAN and analog control interfaces (also PID closed loop control) for BLDC – EC motors and fans
  • Network system control consoles, PLC integration and HMI software development,
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BacNet, LonWorks and other LAN communication protocols.
  • Microchip® PIC MCU expertise in programming and control implementation
  • Digital control of power electronics, control algorithm design and custom I/O interfaces

Examples of custom designs:

Rapid Prototyping and Evaluation services:
  • Design concept to prototype
  • Engineering evaluation and testing
  • Pre-production and production fulfillment
Manufacturing capabilities:
  • On-shore (USA) contract assembly for fast time to market and low-volume production,
  • Off-shore (Asia) contract assembly for lowest cost and world class quality.
Target industries & applications:
  • Cleanroom fan filter unit (FFU) controls & system solutions,
  • Automatic room pressure control and monitoring in pharmaceutical labs,
  • VAV controls for flow hoods,
  • VAV controls commercial office and residential HVAC applications,
  • Exhaust fan control for commercial kitchens,
  • Air filtration controls for hospitals and health care facilities,
  • CO2 exhaust controls for schools and office buildings,
  • Exhaust controls for agricultural applications,
  • Pump controls for heating and cooling in hydronic systems,
  • Fan controls for building environment test equipment.