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AC Motor Control Overview
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AirCare VariPhaseTM AC Fan Speed Control - N Series

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AirCare's N-Series VariPhaseTM is a “Network Only” version of the AirCare V-Series VariPhase™ AC fan speed control with RS485 network connectivity. They are low cost and contain a simple contact monitor/feedback capability for small and large AC fan systems.

Main Features

  • Low Cost Digital Control (MODBUS-RTU) Network
  • Open/Closed Contact feedback
  • Single Fan Control only
  • Soft-Start
  • Linear Control of fan speed (RPM)

Target Applications

  • Cleanroom Controls
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Hospital

N Series Products

This AC0yB14 is an application specific Network only version of the AirCare VariPhaseTM V Series AC speed fan control with RS485 network connectivity.

Providing Open-loop control and NC/NO sensor switch contact, this unit is targeted at baseline Fan Filter Installations. AC0yB14 is very simple to install and configure. The only necessary electrical connections are an AC supply, a motor load and RS485 wiring.

Key Features

  • Variable Voltage Phase-Control
  • 115V, 230V and 277V models
  • Up to 3 Amp load capability
  • 3-wire option reduces motor hum and increases efficiency at lower speeds
  • RS485 network connectivity (MODBUS RTU protocol) using either:


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