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AC Motor Control Overview
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Manual Version Control - B Series
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AirCare VariPhaseTM AC Fan Speed Control - V Series

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The VariPhase V Series AC fan speed control is capable of 115V, 230V, 277V operation. Current handling from 3 amperes to 20 amperes from a single unit.

V-Series AC fan speed controls are full feature: Open loop or closed-loop control; Network or Analog input; 3-wire or 2-wire operation; Soft-start and selectable minimum speed pot etc. V-Series offers the most flexible options for single-phase speed control.

AirCare VariPhaseTM has network connectivity (MODBUS RTU-based) through RJ45 to any controller or AirCare's’ Proprietary Control System. Analog Control input allows manual control or analog inputs from any PLC or system controller.

Main Features

  • Low Cost Digital Control (MODBUS-RTU) Network
  • Full PID control loop (closed loop)
  • “Cluster” (multi-fan) control
  • Analog Input
  • Soft-Start
  • Linear Control of fan speed (RPM)
  • Closed loop by analog feedback/tach

Target Applications

  • Cleanroom
  • Mini-Environment
  • Hospital
  • Ventilation
  • Flow Hood
  • Exhaust
  • Agriculture- Barn
  • Classrooms

V Series Products

Click on the product part numbers to see datasheets.



4A - ACV1041
8A - ACV1081
14A - ACV1141 20A - ACV1201


4A - ACV1042
8A - ACV1082
14A - ACV1142 20A - ACV1202


3A - ACV1033
8A - ACV1083
14A - ACV1143 20A - ACV1203

V-Series Closed Loop Control Full P-I-D Control

ACC9001-Tech Tool Kit

Working on a new fan control design using closed-loop control? The Drive Configuration tool can help you rapidly converge on a stable closed-loop setting for the drive. All the necessary measurements and registers are visible on the full dashboard.

Click here for datasheet.

Cluster Controls