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Cleanroom Management and Monitoring Solutions

Fan Filter Unit Consoles, Motor Controls and Environmental Controls for Your Cleanroom’s Most Important Applications

AirCare Automation is at the forefront of cleanroom management and monitoring systems by providing industry-specific solutions for your critical environment.

We design customizable FFU (fan filter unit) controls and consoles, cleanroom monitoring software and environmental controls to ensure your critical processes and technology deliver the highest level of performance and meet regulatory requirements.

FFU Controls are at the Center of What We Do

Fan Filter Unit
FFU Motor Control and Monitoring

Customizable controls, consoles, and sensors provide a comprehensive package for your critical environment.

Environment Controls
Our customizable sensors monitor your cleanroom’s conditions for compliance benchmarks - from room pressure, to particle count.
HVAC Controls
AirCare products are carefully designed to automate your HVAC system’s essential functions.
BMS Connectivity
Our controls and consoles integrate seamlessly with your enterprise-wide automation system.
Ongoing Support and Maintenance
A partnership with AirCare is an enduring relationship that includes installation, training, and troubleshooting when you need it.

We Build State-of-the Art Equipment for Cleanroom Management and Monitoring


We help sustain rigorous conditions for the management and environmental monitoring of cleanroom processes, beginning with controls for clean, stable airflow from your fan filter units.

We Build State-of-the Art Equipment for Cleanroom Management and Monitoring

Your business demands precision, and so does your cleanroom. Where human ingenuity meets scientific advancement, compromising on technology is not an option. You need a partner that knows cleanroom management and can develop specialized controls for your unique cleanroom environment.

That’s where AirCare Automation comes in. We’re the preferred partner in leading industries including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace and defense engineering, scientific research, compound pharmacies, and agriculture. We’re also the first choice of custom HVAC suppliers, so you can pair your air distribution products with AirCare Automation’s signature offerings.

Our Cleanroom Management and Monitoring Products Are Your Gateway to Success

We help manage the cleanroom process, so that the innovations you make have a global impact. Whether you are on the front lines of groundbreaking research or a start-up with an innovative idea, we measure success by how we can support your critical environment’s needs. Our products help you meet or exceed regulations, including ISO cleanroom standards, European-based Grade A, B, C, & D standards, as well as regulations outlined by the USP.

Motor Control Boards


Environmental Monitoring

Sensor Modules

Building Management
System Integration


A Full Suite of Customizable Offerings

Expert Guidance at Every Step

Cleanroom management and monitoring isn’t truly a solution unless it’s a lasting solution. We continue to provide the following support services, long after you’ve chosen AirCare Automation as your partner for environmental cleanroom controls and more.
Installation & Setup

Installation & Setup







Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance*

* including ISO cleanroom standards

At AirCare Automation, we don’t merely hand you the keys and let you figure out the rest. We guide you every step of the way so you can leverage your cleanroom management and monitoring applications, environmental controls for your cleanroom, or cleanroom monitoring software with the fidelity and effectiveness you depend on.

Our Engineering Support Resources: Your Hub for Industry News for the Cleanroom Management and Monitoring Industry

Browse our catalog and get in touch with our sales and customer support team today to order a comprehensive cleanroom management and monitoring package. Then, explore AirCare Automation’s Engineering Support resource hub for white papers, published articles, and more. In our resource library, you’ll find our carefully researched perspectives on the cleanroom industry while showcasing our innovations in cleanroom management and monitoring.

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AirCare Automation describes the growing need for minienvironment cleanrooms within a larger “ballroom space.”

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