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Innovative Management and Monitoring Solutions for Your Cleanroom Applications

AirCare Automation, founded in 2003, has over 20 years of experience developing cleanroom products that custom HVAC engineers and leaders in a wide range of industries depend upon.

In a global economy where supply chain challenges can affect productivity and key processes, AirCare Automation’s design, supply, and engineering support teams offer highly efficient lead times for all of our cleanroom monitoring and management products.

We are here to help you manage your processes by providing an all-in-one cleanroom monitoring and management solution.

Introducing AirCare’s Cleanroom Technology Solutions

AirCare Automation provides the controls, so you can make your impact. Our cleanroom technology solutions – including controls for fan filter units (FFUs), cleanroom management and monitoring consoles, and sensors for cleanroom environmental control – ensure that your business’ processes and applications make their mark on your industry and beyond.

AirCare Automation’s cleanroom technology solutions deliver:

  • Customizable Controls

    AirCare Automation is proud to deliver customizable cleanroom solutions based on your application’s needs.

  • Compliance

    Our cleanroom tools can be outfitted for all compliance benchmarks required by your industry’s regulatory agency.

  • Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring

    We custom design your cleanroom environmental controls with interfaces to monitor humidity, temperature, air pressure, carbon dioxide, and airborne particles.

  • Connectivity

    AirCare’s products communicate with your building management system, providing full integration between your cleanroom and your building’s enterprise-wide diagnostics and analysis.

  • Commitment to Energy Efficiency

    Our cleanroom and environmental control products provide desirable energy efficiency through our low power consumption options.

  • Care

    The “care” in AirCare not only relates to our commitment to ensuring your cleanroom provides stringent environmental conditions for scientific advancement across the broad fields of science, technology, and human health; we also provide safety controls and highly accessible and engaged cleanroom troubleshooting and support services.

AirCare Is at the Forefront of Cleanroom Management and Monitoring

AirCare Automation is an industry leader in the cleanroom technology solutions market. We are the access point for all your cleanroom management needs:



We ensure that your fan filter units – the most important products in your cleanroom – are optimized for your applications’ requirements.

Comprehensive Technology

We provide management and monitoring technology to fully customize your cleanroom process, including meeting health and environmental regulatory benchmarks. 

Engaged Service

We go further by installing, servicing, and troubleshooting your cleanroom as needed, offering unprecedented cleanroom support.

Learn More About AirCare’s Cleanroom Technology Solutions

Our Engineering Support hub is a resource for your facilities team and chosen FFU manufacturing partner to learn more about our thought leadership on important industry-relevant topics.

Explore our white papers, articles, and presentations to discover how AirCare Automation is leading the cleanroom industry with a new generation of cleanroom environmental controls and more.

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