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Cleanroom Management Controls and Monitoring Solutions

AirCare Automation Offers Customizable FFU and Cleanroom Controls - And Much More

AirCare Automation’s product offerings begin with controls. Our engineers have designed the next generation of state-of-the-art technology for your fan filter unit (FFU) motor control boards.

We’re the preferred partner for cleanroom FFU manufacturers, as well as the vast number of industries that use them, including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, medical facilities, metallurgy manufacturers, and many more.

As the demand for cleanroom applications has grown, so have we. AirCare Automation continues to develop products that make your critical environment management process exceptionally efficient and high performing.

Our Full Suite of Products and Solutions for Cleanroom Management Control and Monitoring

When you browse our catalog, you’ll discover that, while motor controls are a signature product, we’ve also developed cleanroom control consoles and cleanroom monitoring and connectivity technology to ensure your cleanroom’s FFU can do much more than provide highly filtered air at a sustained rate.

With AirCare Automation as your partner, your cleanroom processes and compliance requirements can be handled by a single tech package, designed, installed, and serviced by our talented team.

Motor Control

Fan Filter Unit Motor Controls

Our controls transform your FFUs’ motors into smart motors, offering a wide array of innovative benefits for any industry’s cleanroom applications.

Cleanroom Consoles

Discover our three families of field-configurable and customizable consoles for control of your cleanroom’s processes.
Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Customize your cleanroom with sensors to monitor your critical environment’s precise conditions in real time.
Sensor Module

Cleanroom Sensor Modules

Easy-to-integrate hardware monitors your cleanroom’s conditions in real time.

Building Management System Integration

Discover the versatility of our communication protocols for connectivity and integration to your building management system. Our products speak your language.


Our plenum-rated cables offer the highest degree of flame retardant material, deeming this type of cable suitable for placement within environmental airflow spaces and/or high-rise applications.

Highly Attentive Customer Support for Cleanroom Management Controls and Monitoring Solutions

All AirCare products are customizable to the highest degree with versatile add-ons for your facility’s requirements, needs, and user experience.

However, AirCare Automation doesn’t stop there. When you work with AirCare Automation, you also receive the best on-site care available in the cleanroom industry:

AirCare Automation Continues to Defy Expectations - Because That’s Who We Are.

We’re more than motor controls, and we’re more than an installation team. We design software, create intuitive tools based on your market’s needs, and – most importantly – we’re your touchpoint for all processes in your critical environment.

Contact us today to begin your partnership with AirCare Automation. You can order all your cleanroom management controls and monitoring solutions, as well as cleanroom accessories, over the phone.

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