AirCare Automation

Full Integration with Your Building Management System

When You Require BMS Management for Your Cleanroom, AirCare Is Here

Your facility’s needs aren’t limited to your cleanroom processes. When you work with AirCare Automation, we can ensure your cleanroom management and monitoring is fully connected and integrated into your building management system (BMS) or building automation system (BAS).

The power of AirCare Automation comes from our ability to provide the precise tools you need – guaranteeing your fan filter units operate optimally and efficiently and ensuring your cleanroom is part of your overall emergency management plan – no matter the customization, specification, or compliance requirements you need.

Benefits of Building Management System and FFU Connectivity

Through our innovative, versatile consoles, you get complete integration between your FFUs and your BMS, allowing you to:

AirCare Cloud

Introducing AirCare CLOUD

We’re ushering in a new generation of high performance in the growing cleanroom industry. AirCare CLOUD is a premier software offering that operates much like the integration between your FFU and your building management system, but provides an intermediary interface, so you can access performance data and more, wherever you are.


Building Management System Protocols

Our products are compatible with the communication protocols you use for your cleanroom’s BMS management and your specific requirements. Building automation system interconnectivity is no different. AirCare speaks your building’s language, so that you get the necessary benefits of connectivity and full integration.

If you need wireless transmitters for your consoles to communicate between facility floors without wiring, AirCare Automation can provide wireless communication tools, so that enterprises with separate research and manufacturing facilities can communicate immediately.


Engaged Customer Support for Cleanroom and Building Management System Integration

Our sales and customer support teams are ready to help you order the products you need for your critical environment’s success, including scheduling motor control, console, or environmental sensor installation, customizing your management and monitoring tools, and discussing your cleanroom’s BMS management and integration requirements, both pre- and post-installation.

Contact us now to get the tools you need for cleanroom management and monitoring.

Keep Up with Industry-Relevant Building Management System News from AirCare

Our Engineering Support hub provides AirCare Automation’s perspectives on industry trends and includes our growing list of published articles and conference presentations.

Learn more about smart integration of AirCare products with your BMS, as well as cost-efficient connectivity solutions between the motor controls for your cleanroom and BMS management protocols.

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