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Customizable Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Industry-Leading Sensors for Cleanroom Monitoring and Compliance

Your cleanroom environment demands precision – for your manufacturing, your research, your safety, and your industry’s compliance benchmarks. AirCare Automation engineers environmental monitoring sensors for your cleanroom to ensure you meet all industry requirements and regulations.

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring Sensor

When you’re monitoring for environmental compliance in your industry, you need cleanroom monitoring tools to measure compliance metrics.

A cleanroom environmental monitoring sensor is much like an exceptionally sophisticated thermostat, which can be customized to monitor your space in real time. When linked to a Distribution Sensor Module (DSM), your sensors provide a wide range of monitoring options.

Our environmental sensors for cleanrooms measure:

Cleanroom monitoring sensors guarantee exceptionally accurate measurements of your critical environment for compliance with regulatory agencies, including:

Additional Versatility and Customization for Your Cleanroom’s Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Your cleanroom monitoring system from AirCare Automation is fully loaded to your specifications. Along with basic monitoring, we offer additional customized options when needed, including LED lighting control and adjustment and closed loops for sustaining your air change rate.

Environmental Monitoring

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AirCare Automation builds fully compliant, comprehensive environmental monitoring systems (EMS), which can be integrated with our cleanroom management and monitoring products. Our consoles link to sensors and fan filter units (FFUs) to create an overall smart-technology-driven critical environment.

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