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AC and ECM Motor Control Boards for Your Fan Filter Units

The Next Generation of Fan Motor Control Boards for Superior FFU Control

FFU manufacturers and cleanroom facility teams require a specialist for motor controls. You want your FFUs to offer the latest advancements in smart technology, so that your critical environment can provide the high performance and precise conditions your process requires.

A New Generation of FFU Motor Controls

As a leading cleanroom process management and monitoring company, our controls offer flexibility and compliance-ready features for your critical environment’s needs.

When you partner with AirCare Automation for AC and EC motor controls, your FFU’s motor becomes an intelligent system, completely customized for your cleanroom processes – no matter the industry.

ECM and AC Motor Control Board Features

Over the past 20 years and counting, we’ve remained deeply focused on engineering fan motor controls that – because of our ingenuity – have expanded into a versatile array of state-of-the-art options.

Our motor control boards are our differentiator in the cleanroom management industry, offering:

  • Integration

    ECM and AC motor control boards with communication protocols for BMS (building management system) integration

  • Connection

    Seamless pairing with the leading motor manufacturers, including Genteq, GE, Beloit, US Motors, EBM, Rosenberg, Ziehl-Abegg, and Broad Ocean

  • Affordability

    Low-cost configurations

  • Speed Control

    Speed control, including speed sensing and sensor feedback for key environmental metrics including room pressure, temperature, humidity, airflow, and RPMs

  • Signature Software

    VariPhase™ phase control combines intelligent speed control with enterprise-wide networking capability

  • Energy Efficiency

    Power-saving operations and wiring with programmable energy-saving features

  • Interface Accessibility

    Easy connection to our superior UX interface consoles, depending on your specific needs (the number of cleanrooms, FFUs, and environmental monitoring requirements)

  • Comprehensive Support

    Full-service field commissioning for installation, training, setup, and troubleshooting

  • Flexible

    Ability to customize, and add or delete features

  • Quiet

    Low motor hum and harmonic distortion

  • More Control

    Closed loop control for sustained applications

  • Monitorable

    LED indicators for status, as well as diagnostics and network traffic

Browse Our Selection of AC and EC Motor Controls

Motor Type Product Series Product Description Network Control Local Control Amperage Voltage Part Number Product Image
A "Network-only" control board targeted at FFU applications offering 3-wire speed control along with a contact switch feedback for go/no-go fan monitoring and feedback. Uses MODBUS RTU network communication and is compatible with all the AirCare Console and System controllers.
3A 115 AC01B14
3A 230 AC02B14
3A 277 AC03B14
The VariPhase is a stand-alone, or networked Fan/Blower phase control for use with single-phase Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) or shaded-pole induction Motors. These controls offer a 3-wire or 2-wire connection option. VariPhase offers a broader mode selection through jumper placement. AirCare VariPhase™ has network connectivity (MODBUS® RTU-based).
3A 277 ACV1033
4A 115 ACV1041
4A 230 ACV1042
8A 115 ACV1081
8A 230 ACV1082
8A 277 ACV1083
14A 115 ACV1141
14A 230 ACV1142
14A 277 ACV1143
20A 115 ACV1201
20A 230 ACV1202
20A 277 ACV1203
Motor Type Product Series Product Description Network Control Local Control Motor Compatibility Part Number Product Image
2100 The ACM2100 Dual Setpoint EC Module allows the user to set the motor speed and remotely switch the speed through an open-closed contact (switch). The unit contains two onboard potentiometers to allow the customer to manually set both speeds. The remote contact selects which potentiometer setting to apply. X X GENTEQ 2.3 / EON (RPM mode) and US Motors/Nidec Perfectspeed ACM2100
The ACM1020 Series combines intelligent speed control with industry standard MODBUS networking. The versatile design allows for analog (0-5V or 20mA current loop) or network control input and analog or tachometer feedback. Precise control is possible over a wide speed range (1-100%). ACM1020 closed-loop control (CLC) capability supports a wide range of sensors such as air pressure, air flow and temperature.
GE, Rosenberg, & GENTEQ ACM1020
Rosenberg, Ziehl-Abegg ACM1023
B1036 The ACM1025 provides auto-selectable manual or analog (BAS control interface) for the Genteq 2.3 motor and EON motors. Designed to fit in a single gang junction box, the front panel provides the customer with manual speed adjust, Status (setpoint), Fault and Power LEDs, and DMM probe jacks for RPM and Setpoint readout. Analog control, 24V power, RPM output, ECM interface, and selectable analog 0, 2-10VDC input are accessed on rear. X X GENTEQ 2.3 / EON (RPM mode) ACM1025

AirCare Automation supports the commissioning of your cleanroom with:

  • Enterprise-wide network communication
  • Multi-fan and -room control 
  • Color touchscreens
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Airflow control
  • RPM feedback for setting of high and low alarms (ECM motors only)
  • Seven-day clock calendar and setback
  • Three-level password protection
  • Audible and visual alarms and email alerts
  • Building management system interface and connectivity
  • BACnet operability
  • OPC Servers
  • Ethernet
  • Data logging
  • Closed loop control for particle counters
  • Custom programming at factory
  • Controls for up to 400 FFUs and 50 rooms
  • Exhaust and damper features for room pressure management
  • Lighting on and off with occupancy sensors or timers
  • Door interlocks for control and monitoring of entry and exit
  • Room displays for environmental monitoring and light controls
  • Control cleanroom-specific HVAC and ventilation functions
  • Auto-flushing of room to bring back pressurization and Air Change Rate
  • Connection to emergency shutdown and fire suppression systems

Order ECM and AC Motor Control Boards for Complete Cleanroom Control

Browse our catalog of AirCare products, then connect with our sales and customer support team for guidance. We can help you customize AirCare Automation’s products for precision, high performance, and agency compliance.

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