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Sensor Modules

AirCare Brings Versatility and Customization to Your Cleanroom Monitoring System

AirCare Automation offers uncomplicated, seamlessly integrated distributed sensor modules for cleanrooms (DSMs) that are customizable to include any environmental sensor your facility requires.

Our products link together to create a comprehensive package to ensure compliance, protect your research and manufacturing processes, and allow you to make your mark on your industry.

What are the Benefits of a Distributed Sensor Module for a Cleanroom?

AirCare Automation’s DSMs offer the flexibility and versatility you need for complex critical environment processes. Industries with complex cleanroom processes require outside-the-box solutions, including customization as needed.

AirCare’s custom DSMs offer:

Cleanroom Sensor Modules Are Key for Agency Compliance

Your critical environment demands highly precise conditions for your processes to perform as planned and to comply with your relevant agency’s regulations. AirCare’s sensor modules provide compliance monitoring in many industries – from aerospace, to compounding pharmacies and agriculture.
  • ISO-based regulations

  • USA-based biotechnology regulations

  • USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia) 797 & 800 Environmental Monitoring

  • European-based Grade A, B, C, & D

Sensor Module

Design Your Custom Cleanroom Management and Monitoring System

Our sales and customer support team is available to help you put together your cleanroom management and monitoring package, including your FFU motor controls, consoles, cleanroom monitoring system sensors, and all the accessories you need to ensure your critical environment processes are managed effectively and at a low cost.

Contact us today to begin an enduring partnership with AirCare Automation. Even after your products are installed and your facility team is fully trained, and you have our complete attention for engineering support and troubleshooting for the long run.

Stay Informed about Cleanroom Sensor Modules and More at AirCare’s Engineering Support Hub

Our Engineering Support hub offers a complete library of resources – from white papers to conference presentations – that will help you and your team deepen your knowledge of cleanroom management and monitoring, as well as discover the latest industry trends.

Discover AirCare Automation’s thought leadership on cleanroom monitoring systems and much more by visiting our Engineering Support hub. You can also browse our complete catalog of products, and begin your partnership with AirCare by contacting our sales team today.

USP797 & 800 Compliance with AirCare Automation’s Environmental Monitoring Consoles for Your Cleanroom

AirCare Automation is committed to ensuring your business is agency compliant with versatile options and offerings for environmental monitoring.

Presented at the Cleanroom Builder Controls Conference, 2018

Versatile Monitoring Options for USP797 & 800 Compliance

Find out how our management and monitoring options can be installed in existing and new construction cleanrooms to meet regulatory benchmarks in the pharmaceutical industry.

Presented at the CETA™ Conference, 2018